This is a debugging tool for Borland Delphi users who, well, (know they) write bugs (What, me write bugs ?) - Sorry about that, I had to say it.
It hunts memory leaks, memory corruption, use of an object after its destroying, etc. The best way to learn what MemCheck does and how to use it is to read the tutorial.

This unit is used in real work conditions at Société Générale, on the OptIt project. When you know it, I think it is easy to use (well, I used it everyday when I used Delphi everyday). It is meant to be silent when no error is detected (you can work on your project during days without remembering MemCheck is watching !). You may want to read the page where I explain how I use it daily.

You'll notice MemCheck does not have a GUI, but this is on purpose. To me, using the Delphi debugger and Notepad as a user interface makes sense for this kind of tool. The role of MemCheck is to be an efficient and reliable tool; we do not have a lot of time to make it cute to the end user (don't forget it is a debugging tool), and moreover it must remain light. In short MemCheck is Wygiwyn software.

What about the licence and this sort of thing ? MemCheck is freeware, with source. The authors are Jean-Marc Eber (former colleague) and me. You can also see the contributions page. Please feel free to contact me (Vincent Mahon, Vincent dot Mahon at free dot fr) for more information, feedback and this kind of stuff. If you improve MemCheck, it would be kind to tell me so that we can merge your changes in the official version, and have the whole community benefit from them ! (if you send me a corrected version, please be sure that a diff tool can show your changes - eg don't change tabs to spaces !)

My team has changed its development method in September 2001, and we switched to C#. Because of this, support is minimum and decreasing about MemCheck. However, I will still fix serious bugs and make it compatible with new versions of Delphi if I can. Just, I won't add new functionalities. I hope this sounds fair. Please feel free to contact me about that.

Current version is 2.75 and is for Delphi 5.1, Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2006 (several IFDEFs) - Click here to download (about 22k). Please note that Delphi 2005 and 2006 supports have not been tested by me but have been contributed.

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Last update: Feb 2007